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in Blog on May 15, 2019

These days, customers know what they want before they walk on to your dealership forecourt, having researched everything online in detail. The very fact they’re there is indication enough they’re ready to buy.

In recent years, the explosion of motoring video to funnel buyers further down the buying cycle has become more prevalent. Research by Google says an incredible 75 per cent of car buyers believe motoring videos influenced their purchase, while 40 per cent said they used video to narrow down their choice.

A report by Google added: ‘Video doesn’t just facilitate discovery and exploration, it also encourages people to take action.
‘Of the car shoppers who used video during the research process, more than 60 per cent reported visiting a dealership after watching a video of a vehicle they were considering.’

OK, so the facts are pretty clear – car buyers want video to help them choose what to buy and they use video to help them decide where to buy it. However, creating this video content can be tough for dealerships. Some ask salesmen to record them – but these vary in quality and it can be hard to get staff to fit them in around selling.

Now there is an affordable solution for dealers to get their hands on a huge array of video content to populate their websites, social media or email campaigns.

Blackball Media – the publisher of Car Dealer Magazine – has launched a new car video website which has a huge archive of video content for dealers to download.

From new to used cars, buying guides to general motoring videos, the archive is vast and is being added to every single day of the week.
These videos can be downloaded for a one-off cost of just £99 each, or for a more personal touch they can be branded with a start and end frame, including your company’s logo and contact
details, for £149.

A number of dealers work with Blackball Media on a subscription basis – allowing them to download as much as they want from the website. An unbranded video subscription, allowing you to download as many videos as you want without the bespoke element, costs £599 per month. A subscription allowing you to download as much as you want, but have them branded with your contact details and logo, costs £999 per month.

‘These videos are used by dealers in a variety of ways,’ explained Blackball Media managing director Andy Entwistle. ‘Most dealers embed them in their websites alongside adverts for the cars, while others use the more general news video content to populate a blog. They all add to engagement on these dealer websites and help funnel car buyers down the purchase cycle.’

A number of car dealer groups are already using Blackball Media’s car videos to great success – dealers such as Snows Group.
Marketing director Allen Scott said: ‘At Snows, we see video as an enabler for improving our communications at every stage of the customer journey.

‘Blackball Media’s videos allow us to produce vital collateral for our websites that gives both valuable information and provides “stickiness” to our website.’

All videos are available to download now – so get browsing!

To buy a subscription to the service, email buyvideo@blackballmedia.co.uk


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